Self confessed hedonistic heroines... a Hēdoïne believes that you can have your cake and eat it too. They work hard, play hard, and relax hard... all of which is arguably more fun when there's also wine at hand. Launched in 2018 the brand has set out to craft the most innovative, sustainable and premium fashion essentials for the Hēdoïne's uncompromising lifestyle... Starting with tights.

This is a true grassroots start up, where I was acting Design Director. This meant a close working environment with those most valuable to the brand and business. It also meant there was some seriously great projects to be a part of (hands on) whilst simultaneously building an internal creative team to continue pushing the brand forward.

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Collaborating with the CMO, we created all the fundamentals like brand ID and guidelines documents, including tone-of-voice, logo and typography rules. This along with a suite of design templates to equip future creative team members...

Given my strong background in product design I was also heavily involved in all online store updates, including designing a new user journey for the online tights subscription service and all other digital comms.

Brand refresh
Brand guidelines & ID document
Marketing asset templates
Operations asset templates
Newsletter design
Klaviyo & Shopify templates
Subscription page UX/UI
Shop pages UX/UI updates

Key achievements


Working with my super talented wife, who's also a babe