Inventosaur magento app

Slow moving (dead) stock, identified & merchandised in seconds… Inventosaur is an e-commerce app that identifies your online store’s slow-moving products through smart behavioural filters such as ‘added to bag but not 'bought’, and promotes them to your site visitors as data-mined combination or simple discount offers with a single click.

Working collaboratively with the product manager and engineer, we had to tackle several different creative tasks all at the same time. Creating a user friendly and unique dashboard based on the application requirements and capabilities, designing several different promotional themes to suit different Front End aesthetics and design and build the online store for the app. These types of plugins are by nature data heavy and can tend to be hard to navigate as well as boring to look at so setting Inventosaur apart from the rest was high priority and the outcome truly speaks for itself.

Fully designed Magento user dashboard & interactions
Responsive online store
Product UI - promotional theme options

Key achievements