design director

If you came here looking for an adventure in career time travel, maybe head over to my LinkedIn page for a clearer picture of that, or better yet, get in touch and I will send you a PDF version all nicely designed and shit, ultimately it's the same thing it just feels a little more personal.

If you just arrived here via Linkedin or one of my other anti-social profiles hoping to find out just a little bit more about me and what a Design Director is... then this is the space I have created to do just that.

My name is Chadd Holland and I’ve been designing since I was a teenager, graduated with a bachelor in design studies in 2006 and since then have been working as a creative professional. I use the label Design Director to describe what I do because I believe this strikes the best balance of honed skills and culmination of all previous experience into a single title, effective to any brand, business or project.

What are these magical ingredients that make up a Design Director? You'll have to scroll passed this amazing self portrait of me and my wife to find out... it's worth it.

Brand design

Brand positioning
Brand architecture
Art direction
Brand strategy

Identity systems
Asset development
Template creation
Brand guidelines

Product design

Persona mapping
Research & testing
Project scoping
Wireframe design

User experience
Interface design
Design systems

Design leadership

Design principles
Design advocacy
Talent development

Team culture
Team management

trust me...

When you hand your project to Chadd, there’s just no need to worry about what he’s going to produce.

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