Launched in 2018, Hēdoïne are redefining hosiery with their award-winning tights, paving the way for sustainability and innovation in a largely outdated industry.

Hedoine hero image

Project Goals

I joined the team as Design Director to establish an internal creative team and push the brand forward. Working with a pre-defined target market, I developed the Hēdoïne style guide, brand eco-system and worked hands on building out print and digital assets whilst establishing long-lasting templates for the newly established design team to utilise.

Hedoine brand logo rules
Hedoine brand icon rules
Hedoine brand colour guide
Hedoine typeface rules
Hedoine typeface rules
Hedoine web typography guide
Hedoine brand vision document
Hedoine brand document asset
Hedoine business cards mockup
Hedoine thank you card design
Hedoine billboard mockup brand exploration design
Hedoine billboard mockup brand exploration design
Hedoine billboard mockup brand exploration design

Future Thinking

Direct to consumer fashion marketing is a noisy space that needs constant input, so working closely with the CMO we developed a large suite of creative templates for multiple channels to allow for rapid asset delivery.

Hedoine marketing asset
Hedoine sale marketing asset
Hedoine marketing asset
Hedoine review marketing asset
Hedoine marketing asset

Don't Buy, Subscribe

Subscription models are great for customer retention as well as improving long term value proposition of the brand. I designed the marketing landing page as well as subscription service pages & email templates.

Hedoine subscription tights page displayed on phone device

Key Achievments

  • Brand refresh & established guidelines
  • UX & UI updates to Shopify store
  • Designed tights subscription page
  • Design brand transactional emails
  • Designed social templates for multiple channels
  • Packaging design support
  • Operations asset design support
  • Creative team recruitment