creatively articulating complex brand & business ideas

It's a buzzword way of saying, I do a bit of...

product design



design leading

selected projects I like to show off

Effortlessly stylish cycling shoes.

Product design

Your ID, on your phone.

Design Lead

Working with the oldest hat shop in the world.

Design/Art direction

Re-invigerating a local cafe.

Brand design

Offering the latest trends directly to the Middle East.

Brand & Ecommerce

Curating the most stylish & technically advanced cycle pieces.

Product design

Slow moving stock, identified & merchandised in seconds.

Product design

Your local sparky.


It's not all logos and websites...

A collection of visual storytelling


Online library of 35mm and 120mm film


Chadd portrait

What is DCC?

It’s a pseudonym of sorts... My name is Chadd Holland and I’m a London based design director with 13 yrs experience working within studio teams, both in-house and agency as well as independently for small and large businesses across a vast array of industries. 

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